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Suitable concept to represent "Monitor bed"

(Vimala Jacob) #1


I am tracking patient transfers when in hospital. One of the bed types in the source data is “Monitor bed”, which is a hospital bed used to monitor patients in the angiography department.

I have looked through the standard vocabularies and I cannot seem to find a suitable concept to which I could map “Monitor bed”. I would appreciate any suggestions.


(Polina Talapova) #2

@vjacob you may look at all available beds in SNOMED here. They are present in OMOP as Devices and you may find them using SCTID in Athena. Also, we have 45764784 701555005 Patient-monitoring bed mattress cover :slight_smile:

(Alexander Davydov) #3

I know it was far ago, but were you using visits or care sites?
Unfortunately, current Visit/Provider vocabulary (and I’m pretty sure the older one) doesn’t support this level of granularity.
Can you describe the use case?