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SQL Server with WebAPI v2.11.0

We have a system where WebAPI and Atlas is running on version 2.11.0 on SQL Server database. However according to the WebAPI github releases from v2.8.0 the official support is only for PostgreSQL. Could this cause any issues in Atlas?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, the issue is that the migrations since v2.8.0 do not exist for sql server, so you will be missing tables and other WebAPI database modifications that have been made since. One option is that if an organization contributed the migrations that are in the postgresql migration folder and converted them to sqlserver, we would accept that in a pull request, but due to resource constraints, PostgreSQL is the only database that WebAPI supports. Note: this is not CDM support: you acn have any RDBMS that SqlRender supports for your CDM, this is only the database that services the WebAPI application (ie: Atlas).