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Social Determinants of Health Observations at Community Group Levels (e.g. zip and census tract)

(John J Brusk, MPH) #1

I am trying to map data that has been aggregated to zip, census tract, geo coding, etc into the CDM as observations/observable entities for each patient. Is there a convention around what concepts to use? I don’t see, for example, concepts covering the use of the CDCs social vulnerability index measures as observations for a patient or other census tract level characteristics. Some specific examples include:

% of population below poverty line
% of population unemployed
% of population with no high school diploma
% of population living in multi-unit structures/group quarters
% of population with no vehicle
census tract considered a food desert

If I use the geo coding/zip+4 for the patient location data to create observable events for these patients, how do I go about mapping the concepts and what is the suggestion for how to date these observations (e.g. year of the data collection, date it was updated…)? Thank you! JB

(Christian Reich) #2


All good questions. Currently, we have no Domain (=fully modeled clinical detail) for any of these socioeconomical characteristics. That is in part because the OMOP model tends to capture concrete person-level data, i.e. not % below poverty line in a geographic zone, but actual income or income range, and not % unemployed in population, but employment status of that person. But we would be very interested in anybody making a proposal of what these characteristics might be, how to model them and what vocabularies to use.

Do you have that?

(Seng Chan You) #3

@johnjbrusk Thout it is not exactly location- related census data analysis, to calculate the loss of life compared to the life expectancy (census data), we stored those data in the package
like this: life expectancy, number of mid-year population.
Then these census data are linked to the CDM in the R package.

(Jae Hyeong Cho) #4


I am not a member of the GIS working group, but Perhaps the goals of the GIS working group may be similar to your question: wiki and github