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Security on OHDSI.org Atlas

(Vojtech Huser) #24

per SNOMED educational materials on their e-learning server

from here

(Kmoralesml) #25

Hi Lee,
Can I also get a set of credentials to login to the public instance of ATLAS?
Thank you,

(Daniella Meeker) #26

Hi Lee, can you please direct message me? We have had other open source tools (e.g. MAT) that rely on the UMLS authentication. Not sure if that would work.
Thank you,

(Rimma Belenkaya) #27

Hi @lee_evans,

Could you please provide me with credentials?

Thank you,

(Shahzeb) #28

@admin Hi there, I’m a researcher here at LBL and would also love the login username / password for the demo Atlas server. Please direct message me.

(Michael Kahn) #29

@admin (Lee): Please add mgkahn as requesting access to Atlas. Let me know if you need my UMLS information.

(Hamed Abedtash) #30

@admin Hi Lee, can you please add my credentials to Atlas as well? Thanks!

(Qi Yang) #31

@admin Hi Lee, can you please add my credentials (QI_omop) to Atlas? Also I need the privilege to access Cost and Utility reports under Profile. Thanks!

(Michael Kahn) #32

@admin / @lee_evans: Ping – request for login credentials for public ATLAS. Thanks.

(Lee Evans) #33

Hi @mgkahn please see your direct messages in this forum from last week. For your convenience I’ve now sent you an email too.

(Michael Kahn) #34

Oops. Didn’t realize to check direct messages. Not a feature I knew about. Thanks.
Seems the Atlas server isn’t working at the moment (Monday 10/1 @ 11:40AM ET)

(Lee Evans) #35

@mgkahn OK the Atlas server is available again now

(Jen Duryea) #36

@admin I am requesting login credentials for public atlas. Thank you!

(Lee Evans) #37

@jenniferduryea OK, I’ve sent you the info in a direct message on this forum

(Pyephyomaung) #38

@admin requesting login credentials for public ATLAS. thanks!

(Simon Daniel Eiriksson) #39

Hi there @admin, I would also like login credentials for the public ATLAS if possible.

Thanks a lot in advance!

(Jim Havrilla) #40

Any updates on how this works? I am considering using OHDSI in my site. But NLM tells me SNOMED and UMLS access must be provided via Authentication API with an API key, valid username and password.

However, your service does none of these and displays this information freely. What was your workaround for this? I have a collaborator at Columbia BMI who pointed me here.



(Christian Reich) #41


We have an agreement with SNOMED about the click-through license to be displayed when a user opens the application for the first time. It will stipulate who can use it and who cannot.

UMLS is not visible in any OHDSI tools as such. Only extracted or manipulated content, which is either free or for which we have a separate redistribution license.

So, you should be all set.

(Jim Havrilla) #42

Hey Christian,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. So if I display the full OHDSI vocabulary search results for user queries labeled with SNOMED on our site, this is totally fine? That is fantastic.

(Christian Reich) #43