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Running Achilles on SqlServer 2016 with sp_execute_external_script

(Dee Bowden) #1

We (Triohealth) completed an evaluation of the OHDSI tools and are moving to a live development server.
Our CDM v5.3.1 resides on Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP2-CU10) (R version 3.2.2)

We have been trying to use https://github.com/microsoft/sqlmlutils to deploy the Achilles R package to this SQL Server with the goal of scheduling the Achilles and DataqualityDashboard packages to run nightly.

This effort has become quite the rabbit hole. Before I write a book about what we have tried I wanted to check and see if anyone has had experience with this.

We are able to run Atlas, Achilles and the DataQualityDashboard from the latest Broadsea-WebMethods container against this SQL server.

If there is a simpler recommended approach for scheduling these executions that would be fine.
We are not tied to using a SQL Job and sp_Execute_external_script as our approach.

Update: For now I have configured a Windows Scheduled Task to run the R scripts nightly. It is not elegant but it works.

Thank you for reading!