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Revenue Codes

(Meghan Pettine) #1

I have inquiry in regards to Revenue Codes. Attached is an excel sheet of codes that have been modified in the original format however remain in their previous name in our standard vocabulary. Is there a reason for this or a plan to update? There is also a tab with codes I’d like to add that we see in our data. The attachment also includes links to information regarding these codes. Please let me know any other information that I can provide.

Thank you!

(Meghan Pettine) #2

Revenue Code Changes - July 2020.xlsx (14.2 KB)

Apologies, here is the attachment I referenced.

(Polina Talapova) #3

Dear @Meghan_Pettine, thank you for reporting! Could you please create a Github Issue here to let us handle this?

(Meghan Pettine) #4

@Polina_Talapova Thank you the reply, apologies I am just seeing it now. I have created a Github issue!