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Retrieving patients from a cohort via WebAPI

(Christian kamann) #1

Hey there,

I am currently working with ATLAS and the WebAPI in the frame of establishing a tool for the automated sugestion of patients for clinical trials. So my question is: Is it possible to retrieve the patient ids from OMOP CDM that are part of a defined cohort? Let’s say I defined a cohort and ran the building process in atlas. My main ojective is to get the patient ids. I would like to use a REST-call which is obviously possible when you rely on the documentation I found http://webapidoc.ohdsi.org/index.html#-424533815. By the way the documentation is pretty sparse and not very helpfull. And is it also possible to trigger the generation process of a cohort with a REST-call? Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information about that. The tool that I’m working on shall operate totaly automatic without any user interaction, so the use of ATLAS is not an option. I hope you can help me with this question.

Regards from Dresden, Germany