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REDCap data to OMOP-CDM

I hope someone can clarify the following for me.

Referring to the Convention-4 for the SURVEY_CONDUCT table: https://github.com/OHDSI/CommonDataModel/wiki/SURVEY_CONDUCT

This convention refers to SURVEY_OCCURRENCE_ID. Where does this attribute exist? and Why is it necessary if the responses in the OBSERVATION are already linked to a survey instance through Convention-1?

Thanks for that.
My understanding from the conventions is that the survey responses are usually stored in the OBSERVATION table and there is a link from OBSERVATION.Observation_Event_ID field to SURVEY_CONDUCT.Survey_Conduct_ID.
I don’t see a similar link to the MEASUREMENT or CONDITION_OCCURRENCE tables.
Is there another way to link a ‘measurement’ or other event to a specific instance of a survey?


I think it is wrongly referred to the source_conduct_id. The descriptions are inconsistent, @clairblacketer is running a revision with the community going through all the tables right now. Please help with that (every Tuesday after the main OHDSI call). I generally believe the way we deal with surveys needs to be revised now that we have some experience.

So Redcap can export it’s dictionary and data. The institutions we deal with all use REDCap. I used Usagi to map everything. But now I use REDCap has all kids of export options. It is true REDCap is primarily for research. There is a REDCap cloud product we are investigating to use as a single EDC that all data will be capture in as well as using APIs to pull in NAACCR etc.