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Rabbit in a Hat can't handle capitalized words?

Hello everyone!

We use Rabbit in a Hat tool and we found a little uncomfortable problem in it.
When we import a scan report (.xlsx) where the column names are in PascalCase format, the tool make lowercase from it.

What we tried: we overwrote the columns and the table names in spec.json.gz file to PascalCase and it works.
So looks like the program can handle it on the GUI, but somehow the fields getting lower case under the scan report import process.

Is there a way to choose to keep the original format of the columns, or we have to overwrite the json file if we want to work with PascalCase format?

System info:

  • Rabbit in a Hat v0.10.3
  • White Rabbit v0.10.3

Thank you for any help in advance!


Hi @kesadae11,
Thanks for reporting, this is indeed unwanted behaviour in many cases. I am aware that RiaH does this, but I don’t know why. I have reported your issue on Github to look into it further and document any findings/fixes: RiaH converts column names from the scan report to lowercase · Issue #303 · OHDSI/WhiteRabbit · GitHub

Thank you Maxim!

I will follow up your report.

Have a nice day!