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Provider Specialty code set clean up


(Gowtham Rao) #21

No. It’s an idea. Would it be possible to use concept_synonym to maintain 1:n synonyms? If yes, then maybe we could work on it together.

(Christian Reich) #22

Yes, you can have as many synonyms as you want. Yes, let’s do that, but we should still roll out the current set of concepts if no other improvements are found.

(Gowtham Rao) #23

@Christian_Reich @Dymshyts - here are some ideas for concept_synonym

(Gowtham Rao) #24

Regarding mappings: These mappings are already done by external sources, and we need to import them into OMOP. Some of these mappings are already in ATHENA may only need updating/validation for accuracy.

  • We can map NUCC to CMS specialty codes here
  • We can map CMS specialty codes to ABMS
  • We can map ABMS to NUCC

(Christian Reich) #25

Can you check the table against those resources?

(Anna Ostropolets) #26

Wait. I’m somehow lost. Haven’t we done that? I’m pretty sure that I actually mapped these things in order that we previously agreed on.

(Christian Reich) #27

I did it by hand on the fly. Needs to be checked. Right now, there are almost no “Maps to” links.

(Anna Ostropolets) #28

There aren’t many, right. And Gowtham’s links are already incorporated (or we’re missing the file).