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Procedure_status_concept_id and procedure_status_source_value fields are missing in the procedure_occurrence table

I have a need to store the position order of the procedure code that is found in the claims data and would liked to add procedure position data in the procedure_status_source_value field. I see that CDM did not define these columns. Wondering what would be the acceptable value in the procedure_status_concept_id column if I would like to store concept id equivalent to “first procedure” or “second procedure”?


Not sure I understand the use case. What is the “position” of a procedure, and why do you need it? If a patient had a procedure she had a procedure. If she had two procedures that day she had two. I don’t understand the relevance of a “position”. If you want to indicate which one the cost was billed for you can do that through the COST table.

What am I missing?

The procedure code can come from the LINE_PRCDR_CD column or PRCDR_CD_1 to PRCDR_CD_6 columns in the claims source. I am told that the procedure code place (1 to 6) order is important for the analyst who are familiar with the CMS claims data.

I had sent a request to clarify their reasons.

I did not see concept id I can use to indicate primary procedure or secondary procedure. Do we have one I can use?

Let’s find out.