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Problem using postConceptSetDefinition (from ROhdsiWebAPI)

I am trying to understand how postConceptSetDefinition works. If I feed it a definition fetched from Atlas, with getConceptSetDefinition, it will reply with “http 400”. Debugger says

Cannot deserialize instance of org.ohdsi.webapi.conceptset.ConceptSetItem out of START_ARRAY token

What am I misunderstanding here? Would anyone have an example that is accepted by postConceptSetDefinition?


Hi Harri, do you mind posting an example of the conceptSet you are using as well as the version of WebApi you are using to the github issue tracker?

Hi Jamie, I posted a short example (Problem with postConceptSetDefinition · Issue #189 · OHDSI/ROhdsiWebApi · GitHub). Please let me know if anything else is needed.