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Primary diagnosis as condition_status

(Melanie Philofsky) #1


EHR Billing Diagnosis data denotes when a Condition is the “primary diagnosis”. I am looking for the appropriate condition_status_concept_id for this field.

I found concept_id =3001410 is a LOINC code with concept_class_id = ‘Claims attachment’ with domain_id = Observation. And there are a handful of other LOINC codes from various panels, but they lack a domain_id = Condition and don’t seem to carry the same meaning I seek.

I searched the U.S. & International versions of SNOMED without luck.

Looks like we discussed this before and received the condition_status_concept_id column. But there are only 3 standard concept_ids for this field and none are appropriate.

Should I petition the vocabulary team to create a concept? Is there another source to “steal” the concept? Other suggestions?

Type concepts consolidation
(Evan Sholle) #2

Why not just use 4230359 (‘Final diagnosis’) as the condition_status and 44786627 (‘Primary condition’) as the condition_type? My understanding was that condition_status wasn’t supposed to denote the precedence of the condition (e.g. “was this the reason they sought care”) but rather the point in the process at which it was assigned (e.g. “this person probably has CHF, but I can’t be sure and they just said they can’t breathe, so I’m going to put down shortness of breath for now”). We’ve been using the combination of status and type to denote the provenance of the diagnosis.