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Place of service, no standard concept equal S

(Don Torok) #1

Nov 2017 vocabulary had 59 rows where domain_id = Place of Service and standard_concept = ‘S’

March 2018 vocabulary has zero rows where domain_id = Place of Service and standard_concept = ‘S’

Bringing this up because ETL procedure was checking for standard_concept = ‘S’ and this code now fails.

Putting this in CDM builders forum, even though it may better be an issue in the vocabulary git/issues because ETL developers more likely to see it here.

The problem is that the domain_id for the vocabulary ‘Place of Service’ was changed from ‘Place of Service’ to ‘Visit’ so ETL has to use either the vocabulary_id ‘Place of Service’ or change Domain_id to ‘Visit’. However, changing the Domain_id to ‘Visit’ will create a problem because there are some code, ‘01’ - ‘09’ that are in both vocabularies ‘UB04 Pt dis status’ and ‘Place of Service’ but they have different meanings.

(Anna Ostropolets) #2

It’s in vocabulary “Place of service”, domain_id “Visit”



Again, according to CARE_SITE table wiki page, the Place of Service Concepts belongs to the Domain ‘Place of Service’. However none of the concept presented are Standard.

Checking on domain = “Visit” and Vocabulary = “CMS Place of Service” some spots are available but the list is not very exhaustive (e.g. Pharmacy is absent).

How to manage “place_of_service_concept_id” in CARE_SITE table ?

(Christian Reich) #4


We are in the process of abolishing the “Place of Service” Domain. There really is no such thing as a “Place of Service”. It’s trying to characterize a certain constellation of how healthcare service is provided, but it is certainly not a “Place”. Instead, we are building it as a Visit Domain, because a Visit is defined as a defined constellation of care. See the debate here.

However, we are not done yet. We have to map into this the remaining Concepts of the CPT4, Read and SNOMED domains. Will keep you and the community posted.