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PEDSNet의 ETL 정의서가 공개되었습니다

AMIA에서 PEDSNet의 OMOP CDM V5.1 conversion발표와 함께 ETL 정의서도 공개되었다는 소식이 있어 글 및 링크 공유합니다.


The link doesn’t work or we don’t have the rights to see it. Can you fix?

Thank you so much, @Christian_Reich !!
I added the link which is working!

안녕하세요 유승찬 연구원님 링크가 깨진 것 같은데 체크 한번 만 더 해 주시면 감사하겠습니다.

I just tried it and it fails for me. Has it moved?

@CRoeder Unfortunately, it’s gone…

Looks like @mgkahn posted in a THEMIS thread, THEMIS: New Initiative to create definitive conventions for data in the OMOP CDM, a link to what sounds like a similar document: http://forums.ohdsi.org/uploads/default/original/1X/e6fd46c621f421927e704f5501a45325729d93d8.pdf