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OncoRegimenFinder and ATC

Per the Oncology WG page here, it states the OncoRegimenFinder is based on “exposed with an Antineoplastic Agent (ATC code)”. What ATC level or concept_id was used to determine exposure to an antineoplastic agent?

Also, what is the definition of relationship_id = ‘Has antineopl Rx’? How would I use this relationship_id? Can it be used to identify all antineoplastic drugs? If yes, how does this relationship and the ATC Antineoplastics categories match up or overlap?

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Hi @MPhilofsky

The usual ATC concept we use is 21601387 L01 ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENTS

it links Regimen and a neoplastic drug used in this regimen.

I believe ATC hierachy is the best way to identify the antineoplastic agents.

Here’s the query to see how they overlap and its result
atc_L01_vs_rx_neopls.xlsx (17.7 KB)

with atc as (
select concept_id, concept_name as ATC_derived from concept_ancestor
join concept on descendant_concept_id = concept_id and concept_class_id ='Ingredient'
 where ancestor_concept_id = 21601387 
 rel as (
 select  distinct concept_id, concept_name as Has_antineopl_Rx_derived from concept_relationship r
 join concept on concept_id_2 = concept_id and concept_class_id ='Ingredient' and r.invalid_reason is null
where relationship_id ='Has antineopl Rx'
select * from atc 
full outer join rel using (concept_id)

Can you please tell us what your actual use case is? Maybe we can help more then.

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just want to confirm that the OncoregimenFinder only used concepts that map to the highest ATC level.
We are looking at this example for atezolizumab that only maps to ATC 5th level, therefore it does not seem to trigger the regimen creation eventhough it has an antineoplastic drug by RX norm ingredient.

select distinct CR.[concept_id_1], 	CR2.[relationship_id],C1.*, CR.[concept_id_2],

CR.relationship_id  from [dbo].[concept_relationship] CR
left join concept C1 on CR.[concept_id_1]=C1.concept_id
left join concept C2 on CR.[concept_id_2]=C2.concept_id
left join [dbo].[concept_relationship] CR2 on CR.[concept_id_1]=CR2.[concept_id_2] and CR2.[relationship_id]='Has antineopl Rx'
where CR.relationship_id like '%ATC%'
and  CR.[concept_id_1]=42629079
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