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Oncology Workgroup

I am responding to the latest call for comments on the Oncology workgroup.
The overview of the group is here

Ad the google drive proposal (from other forum post)- I like treatment types of Drug,radiation and surgery. Also the subtypes make a lot of sense.

Having a good list of surgical procedures is also a great idea. In which terminology we would make such international list ?

A comparable compendium linking oncology surgical procedure codes to a high-level classification of oncology surgeries will need to be developed/found

E.g., I do uterus removal because of uterus cancer. Procedure is here: http://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms/4127886

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my limited reply to the Treatment proposal:

I think the treatment table is a reasonable construct to add.

Targeting MEASUREMENT table for data from cancer registry is also good approach.

See slide 25 here:

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I submitted the Oncology Treatment Proposal as a Github issue:


@mgurley is the oncology working group active? I am interested in mapping EMR to CDM for oncology and would like to know the recommended practice for cancer specific information. Thanks.

@bon Yes we are active. We recently resumed meeting on a weekly basis with a larger group. See meeting details here:

If you email me (m-gurley@northwestern.edu), I can put you on the email distribution list.