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Hello everyone!
I’ve just joined the community and I’m impressed how interesting is OHDSI!
I’ve just got reassigned to a new project, where we will use OMOP. I saw in the GitHub that there was no support to IBM DB2 yet, and as this is the RDBMS I will have to use, I resolved to contribute with the community by sending a PR with the source-code conversion I’ve done. Perhaps can be useful for other people in the future, that also need/want to use DB2.
PR: Added support to IBM DB2 by bambrozio · Pull Request #258 · OHDSI/CommonDataModel · GitHub.
Wondering if somebody could kindly review, provide feedbacks and if happy, merge the code :slight_smile:

Hi @bambrozio, thank you for starting this thread and beginning work on the CDM DDL for DB2.

Since you are new to the community, I want to direct you to prior discussions around database support. The OMOP CDM is just a data standard, which could likely be implemented in any relational database system. But within the OHDSI community, we have also built a large (and growing) technology ecosystem with standardized analytics tools that require the supported RDBMSs to have a consistent set of analytics functions. We have packages that would need to be made compatible with any new RDBMS, including DatabaseConnector and SQLRender. So, when we talk about ‘database support’ for the OMOP CDM, it goes beyond the data standard to include the open-source toolkit that OHDSI has developed based on the CDM.

SqlRender with MySQL

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