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OMOP 5.3 vs 6.0

(Aaron Eisman) #1

Should a new ETL be designed for v5.3 or v6.0?

Benefits/drawbacks (in terms of compatibility for the near future…1-3 years?)

Data dictionary for 6 appears available here: https://github.com/OHDSI/CommonDataModel (where is 5.3?)
But vocab on Athena is only available for 5.x (are there significant changes for 6 or can this be used for 6?)

Thoughts/suggestions/considerations please.

Thank you!


(Anna Karenina) #2

Hello @aeisman,

Older wiki versions are available by switching Git tags. For example, v5.3.1 is archived at tag ‘v5.3.1’.

Can be used for v6 without issues. This Athena selector is related more to the v4/v5 distinction.

(Aaron Eisman) #3

Hi @rookie_crewkie,

Thank you!

Do you recommend starting with the latest version 6?

Are there tools that allow backwards compatibility (or is it inherently backwards compatible)? We are aware of many national efforts (for example related to COVID) that are standardizing on 5.3, would having a version 6 CDM make it difficult to collaborate?



(Anna Karenina) #4


I wouldn’t dare to recommend a particular version, both are good :slight_smile: v6 has many advantages over v5 (bigint identifiers, tables to capture survey data and location history, etc) but there’s also a major drawback — some most used OHDSI tools (Atlas and company) don’t have v6 support yet. Not sure about collaboration problems, this probably depends on the particular initiative…

As for the backwards compatibility, no tools have been made public yet, but implementing this is not very complicated (just depends on the infrastructure/DBMS).