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OHDSI tools (WhiteRabbit) - data protection

Hi all,

This is a rather basic question but I could not find it in the documentation from the developers.

Does anyone know whether the WhiteRabbit (and other tools used for ETL) scan keeps all the data locally, or is any data collected and exported? The latter would be an issue since it breaches local data
protection rules, so the OHDSI tools could not be used.

Thank you in advance!
Kind regards,

Nicholas Hunt
Utrecht University

you can define thresholds on what are the minimum count of values you want to track, this is useful for identifiers, names and such: you will get the data type but not the actual data (you will get “data truncated” for occurrences lower than the threshold). It will also tell you if there is null data on the column.

In any case white rabbit gives you frequencies, never full registries.
The scan is something you generate locally and is intended to be used by Rabbit in a Hat. Both can be run locally inside a machine in your organization