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OHDSI Book Club - call for recommendations

Being a proud father to three great daughters, I got to admit that I am excited to see the “Women of OHDSI” WG as well as the “Women of OHDSI - CALL FOR RECOMMENDATIONS” thread and how many great book recommendations were posted there.

Trying to replicate the idea that worked, I wanted to do something similar for a broader community (technical? non-technical? both?) and ask others to share the book recommendations that would benefit others the community in different workgroups e.g. OMOP CDM, Vocabs (Ontologies), ETL DW, Coding, Architecture, Processes, Analytics and Data Science, Epidemiology etc… When posting your recommendation, I would ask to tag it with the workgroup/audience which you believe would benefit from that book, why (optional) and any thoughts you care to share (optional).

I will start.

The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Definitive Guide to Dimensional Modeling

The “must have” for those involved in OMOP CDM design WG. Great and proven DW design best practices. Would be great if we could adopt some patterns described in this book

This book is a very easy read yet covers the technical aspects of data science as well as how to build and lead data teams too.
Kirill Eremenko is a well-known tutor on UDemy and is also the orchestrator of Super Data Science website. He also has a number of podcasts where he interviews many well respected data experts across multiple organisations and industries.

This is a great book for everyone and anyone in data.

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Thanks for taking the initiative to stimulate this @gregk

A book I found quite valuable as we were starting OHDSI (and now as we consider our evolution of our open-source development activities):

Producing Open Source Software, by Karl Fogel

Is freely avaliable online, but can also be purchased online:

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I’m reading the PLATFORM ECOSYSTEMS written by Amrit Tiwana (Of course, I’m reading the Korean version of the book).

Though OHDSI is not a commercial software platform, I think it’s evolving into a powerful platform ecosystem for observational healthcare data.

This book tells about essential components to build organically-evolvable, vibrant ecosystem by aligning architecture, governance, and strategy of platform.

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