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Odd validation of concept id

(Aelan Park) #1

Hi, all

Lately during mapping Korean code to CPT4 or SNOMED for Procedure, we find out odd things. Valid end of concept ids (2212480, 724989) in CPT4 are May, 08, 2013 and May, 05, 2019 respectively. However, they are still ‘Standard’. I think it seems to conflict with the logic between Standard and validation.

Is there someone to give me recommendation how to deal with this to map the concept?

Thank you.

Aelan Park

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #2

This is totally fine.
Here is a whole discussion

In short:
The concept was active during some time in the past. Now it can’t be used because of some billing issues or something. But it reflected some clinical data anyway. So, if we don’t have equivalent of this concept, we still keep it standard to be able to represent its meaning.

Confirmation of concept ids
(Aelan Park) #3

Thank you for kind answer.

I can understand what you said, but I am still not sure it is fine.
I have more question.
Is there any problem in Achilles heels to check DQ logically when we use the concept which is outdated like above the concepts?

Thank you

Aelan Park

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #4

According to the heel rules
it should be no problem