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No results in WebAPI/cdmresults/[sourceKey]/condition


Atlas => Data Sources shows results for dashboard, data density, person and visit. There are “No data” for condition_occurrence.

When I use the url http://localhost:8080/WebAPI/cdmresults/cdm_v1/person a “json-anwer” is seen. With http://localhost:8080/WebAPI/cdmresults/cdm_v1/condition the result is []

Where should I look?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

How long ago did you run Achilles? Sometimes it takes longer for some of the dashboards & underlying JSON to populate than others.

Until 100%

After Achilles successfully completed, for me it still took some time for the dashboard to populate with the results from the Achilles run.

Did you check to make sure there are results for the condition occurrence analyses in achilles_results?

In the table achilles_results there are 6476 records for analysis_id 401 e.g. (Analysis 401 (Number of condition occurrence records, by condition_concept_id)

Did you run the conceptHierarchy script when setting up your WebApi results schema?

Although I can’t find this requirement in the documentation, it seems that it is used to build the Condition treemap.

It was run but can I check somewhere that this part was run succesfully?

Try to run this query on your results schema. If this returns results, the issue is not with Achilles or the results schema setup.