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NHS: Anyone here converting NHS trust level data to OMOP CDM?


I am part of a team that is converting our data in preparation for our trusted research environment (TRE) currently in development. We are keen to find out who else in the NHS is moving over this the OMOP CDM to facilitate their TRE (or other) work.

We are keen to tap into/build an NHS community sharing in this endeavour to help us/each other build our business case/funding bids when demonstrating improved future interoperability across regions when a federated data network is developed by NHSE/Digital

Being able to demonstrate further the ground swell of adopters to this CDM will help us continue to drive this agenda for change regionally and nationally. We are aware of those listed here: Data Partners – ehden.eu however those are groups awarded funding and the list is not exhaustive. And only a few are whole NHS trusts.

Please reach out if you have more info or could direct me to a group/forum space

All the best,

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Hi Dale -

We have been helping do this in the land of the NHS. I will send over some details that may be helpful.



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Hi @Dr_Dale,

I also replied to you in another thread, but just in case: we (Aridhia) are currently just starting mapping a database for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).


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@bertoverduin Hi! We were aware GOSH was doing the same, we are at the start of that Journey too.

Are you aware of any others yet?

What motivated your team to choose OMOP?

Sorry slow reply I was on leave!


Hi Gavin,

Sorry for my slow reply, I’ve been enjoying some much-needed leave.

Thanks for getting in touch - have you those details? Prehaps I am being slow on the uptake and not navigating the forum well and missed it.


Hi @Dr_Dale,

My collogue @bertoverduin raised the following question Mapping NHS ethnicity codes on mapping nhs ethnicity codes. As a result the codes will be added in the codes as standard concepts.

Many thanks,

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