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New working group: Clinical Trials

(Vojtech Huser) #21

forum response to the proposed agenda

- Actions from last meeting, incl conclusion on group approach for SDTM->OMOP conversion
- Refine use case for testing this approach
- Discuss feasibility / relevance of using clinical trial data from Gates Foundation as test bed to showcase / prove our SDTM->OMOP conversion approach
- Discuss any other clinical trial data sources for this purpose

possible sources are: (each repository offers several studies, not just one example listed below)


NIDA request approval process is instant.

(Andrew Williams) #22

Mike Gurley drew the Oncology WG’s attention to the ICAREdata project. It’s relevance to this WG probably has less to do with the STDM-to-OMOP ETL work than the possible uses of ETLed RCT data we might be interested in down the road. Similar to some of the things in my long post above. But if those working on the ETLs aren’t familiar with it, they may want to check out the GitHub repo of the outfit supporting the project (the Standard Health Record Collaborative) to see if there’s useful code there.