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MRI/CT - Storing source image reference in a source_as_url field?

For encounters that include some sort of imaging, I understand the procedure itself is logged in the Procedure table, any results in the Measurement table, provider notes in the Note and Note_NLP table. I’d like one of these tables to include a column that can map to the image itself stored somewhere, e.g. a cloud storage url.

Where is the best place to put that?

I would add an extra column to one of the above tables since these data will not be used by anyone outside your organization (assuming you aren’t opening this up to the world).

Per this conversation, you can add additional columns without breaking the CDM. However, these columns won’t be visible in Atlas.

Hi @MPhilofsky and @mqunell8,

What about creating an entry in the METADATA table and linking using FACT_RELATIONSHIP I am not sure about which concepts to use thought. We were thinking of an approach like that for storing accession numbers without creating a new column. The alternative is the Radiology module which I have not dug deep into