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Missing concept id from SNOMED VOCABULARY?

(Gil Frenkel) #1

Hi all,

I’m trying to look for a two standard concept ids for the following procedures I’ve encountered in our source data:

“Local anaesthetic sciatic nerve block; transgluteal approach”
“Local anaesthetic sciatic nerve block; popliteal approach”

unfortunately I could not find any suitable concepts to represent these procedures.

Currently there are only four available standard concepts (within SNOMED vocabulary):

Thanks you for all your help!

(Gil Frenkel) #2

From the AAPC website:

“The popliteal block is a block of the sciatic nerve at the level of the popliteal fossa”

So the concept id:
Local anesthetic popliteal fossa block

would be most apporopriate.

I’m still struggling to find a standard representation of “Local anaesthetic sciatic nerve block; transgluteal approach”

(Christian Reich) #3

Yes, that’s the one, @gil.frenkel. That’s the nerve you block in the knee pit.

(Oleg Zhuk) #4

Hi, @gil.frenkel

Transgluteal approach is one of the posterior approaches to the sciatic nerve.

So you can go with Local anesthetic sciatic nerve block; posterior approach.

It has ‘Labatt sciatic nerve block’ among the synonyms, which makes it a perfect concept for you because classic Labat’s technique implies transgluteal approach.

(Gil Frenkel) #5

Hi @zhuk!

Thank you very much for the information.