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MAPPING table (in vocabulary) (problems with relationship)

(Vojtech Huser) #1

in UK BB meeting, we are discussing complex vocabulary issues.
The slide is

This is to start the discussion about

  • groups of relationship
  • relationship table has limitations
  • what a MAPPING table would look like (@Christian_Reich

Who is working with UK Biobank?
History of condition with age
(Alexandra Orlova) #2

@Christian_Reich, could you please provide a link where the new MAPPING table is described?

(Maxim Moinat) #3

To kick this of, a simple example for numeric fields of UKB.

field_id name mapping_approach date_field_id target_concept_id unit_concept_id conversion_factor
46 Hand grip strength (left) numeric 53 44805437 9529 1
48 Waist circumference numeric 53 4172830 8582 1
50 Standing height numeric 53 3015514 8582 1
93 Systolic blood pressure, manual reading numeric 53 4152194 8876 1

For more examples see: https://github.com/thehyve/ukbiobank-omop-etl/tree/master/vocabulary