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Mapping Patient Reported Allergies as part of intake

(mqunell8) #1

I have a historical database of patients and their reported allergies, obtained as part of an intake orocess. These aren’t things that have been observed nor diagnosed in the encounter, just reported. I believe the right way to map these is as below into the observation table . Can you please confirm this approach?

  • Observation_concept_id=4169307 (Allergy to substance)
  • Observation_datetime = the date the patient reported it to our system, not the date the patient first experienced it
  • Observation_type_concept_id=44814721 (Patient Reported)
  • Value_as_string = the text description of the allergen “Bee Pollen”, “Aspirin”, “Excedrin”, “Latex Gloves”, “Alcohol”, “Aloe”, “Penicillins”, “Red Dye”, “Shellfish”, “Albuterol”, “Vicodin”
  • Value_as_concept_id = wherever possible, find the SNOMED/Observation/Substance concept_id for the item listed. (This will not always be possible - are there other vocabularies/classes to use?)

Also with each allergy listed, is a classification of the type of reaction the patient has. This may be “unknown”, “dermatological”, “respiratory”, “gastrointestinal”, “central nervous system”, “analphylaxis”. Not much for specifics, no severity, no treatment - just very general category terms such as these. How does this map into the entry? Again, this isn’t anything observed nor diagnosed during the encounter.