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Mammography codes

(Andrew Williams) #21

Sorry if this was the wrong thread to make those points. I know it’s not what you’re doing. Just making the case for a convention, in case this work provides an opportunity to establish one. Sorry to muddy the waters.

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #22

Hold that thought @Andrew … we’ll come back to this if we do more work. :slight_smile:

@aostropolets I understand the rationale that these codes are replaced with new ones. Makes sense. But I still don’t see where these specific diagnostic codes are being used with the clinical intent of screening. G0202 is replaced by 77067.The other two codes still look like depreciated diagnostic mammography codes being updated with new diagnostic mammography codes. I guess I’ll just go with it though I’m not seeing where these specific codes are then advised to be used for medical coding a screening.

The rest of the concepts included in our concept set look appropriate at face-value. Can we call this review done?

(Jeremy Warner) #23

Hi everyone, just to clarify, these codes are not simply to distinguish intent. A screening mammography has a lower radiation dose and consequently lower resolution than a diagnostic mammogram. This is a conscious tradeoff between increasing the false negative rate and the small (but real) possibility of causing radiation-induced breast cancer.