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Looking for ETL developers to help with OMOP implementation

The Regenstrief Institute in Indianapolis is working to map all healthcare data from a State-wide Regional Health Information Exchange into the OMOP CDM. From there, we have several NIH funded research registries that we would like to build from an OMOP CDM framework. Our current ETL team is stretched thin trying to accomplish this, and we are looking to potentially outsource some of the human workload. Please let me know if anyone knows of any good outsourcing options that may be helpful for us. Thank you!

Hey Colin-
Wilson Pace here. I am the CMTO for the DARTNet Institute. We have been transforming all kinds of health data into OMOP for the last decade. Our staff is very familiar with all aspects of the process. I would very much like to talk. My work email is: Wilson.Pace@dartnet.info
You can check with Shaun Grannis if you want an inside reference that at least knows me. I have worked with a lot of folks at Regenstrief over the years. I know Bill Tierney has left for Texas but we worked on a number of project together.

I work with a small team of developers with an extensive background in ETLing health care data into OMOP and would be interested in helping with your project. I am an active member of the Common Data Model and Electronic Health Record (EHR) ETL OHDSI work groups.

Email: dtorok@ephir.com

Hi Colin,

Odysseus would also be interested in engaging with Regenstrief on this initiative.

Odysseus does OMOP CDM ETL at scale and we performed conversion and providing support in many Healthcare, CRO, Academic, Pharma and Government organizations. Our dedicated OMOP CDM ETL team (engineers, medical professionals, informatics) has tons of experience working with all types of data - EHR, Registries, SDTM, claims, and other. Odysseus is actively involved in many of the OHDSI working groups, including leading EHR WG, OMOP Standard Vocabularies, OMOP CDM, Onco Extension, CT and multiple other. Our engineers have great knowledge of and experience with all major cloud and on premise platforms.

Please feel free to connect at gregory.klebanov@odysseusinc.com or via a direct message on this forum.

Btw, we previously engaged with Regenstrief on another project

Hi Colin,

Arcadia would be happy to collaborate with Regenstrief Institute on CDM ETL implementations. We’ve been doing time and cost effective CDM ETL implementations of various data sources for OHDSI partners during the last 10+ years.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at alexander.efimov@softwarecountry.com


Hi Colin,

We have collaboratively done similar ETL on large healthcare data for a university in Australia and can provide references. Our work involved conversion of MS SQL based EHR data into OMOP CDM. The encompassing work was done on AWS and required writing complex SQL queries and Python code. We have specialization in building web and mobile apps on AWS on Python & Java stack, doing data mining using ElasticSearch, R & leveraging NLP on clinical data.

Please feel free to reach out to shridhar.bhat@sarvaha.com for more information, queries or a quote.


Thank you everyone for reaching out! I will take these offers and run them up the flagpole, and we’ll be in touch soon.

Hi @crogerson - do check out the EHDEN Certified Directory as well, all small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) certified on ETL to the OMOP CDM, and experienced with working with Data Partners.

Directory here.

@crogerson The Hyve has a lot of experience with guiding data partners through the ETL process. We have specialised such, that we can even collaborate without having access to the data. This might help in cases where data governance is very strict. Also, we are one of the ETL trainers of the SMEs certified by EHDEN. We are happy to offer any training or consulting next to (or instead of) the ETL work.

As you can see, the OHDSI community is here to help!