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Loading Synthea data into OHDSi-In-A-Box

(Seamus) #1

Hi Everyone,

I have recently started to use the OHDSI tools to analyse CDM data. I am using OHDSI-In-A-Box. By default I have access to ~1,000 patients from Synthea and 100,000 from Synpuf. To develop sample code for my planned analyses, I need access to measurement data. I am told Synthea has this (as well as other advantages over synpuf), and that it is possible to load larger samples into the CDM within OHDSI-In-A-Box. I tried to run the code in the ETL-Synthea GitHub page but without success. I am unsure how to amend the code to run in my environment.

I imagine I am missing something obvious. Would anyone be able to advise me on how I load larger samples of Synthea into the CDM within OHDSI-In-A-Box?