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Large drop in number of Procedure Occurrence Records

Do not know when vocab changed, but CPT4 codes for ‘Office or other outpatient visit for the evaluation and management’ now map to standard concepts in the Visit domain. Within a Claims database we convert this will result in at least a 17% drop in the number of Procedure Occurrence records. Have others seen this?

Also, how has this changed your ETL process. If the only event for a visit is recorded as ‘Office or other outpatient visit for the evaluation and management’ then that would result in a visit that does not have any rows in procedure_occurrence, measurement, condition_occurrence… Is the end result to just ignore records with CPT4 codes that map to the visit domain?

Yeah. That’s correct. We could have a double mapping to Outpatient visit plus some procedure “evaluation and management”. Except the latter one really is not a procedure, but rather something that happens by default all the time. And yes, the total procedure count would go down.

Is there a recommendation for where these records should go? Or do we just accept the drop in procedure records?

Hello @Tom_Galia and all,

Let’s move the CPT4 domain change discussion to this thread. It has more responses and more recent responses.

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