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Lab test - ANY Nucleic Acid Lab Test

(Stephanie Hong) #1

if the lab test contains the following text: “ANY Nucleic Acid Lab Test Positive” - which measurement OMOP concept id should it be map to?

(Christian Reich) #2


What does that mean? Any nucleic acid lab test?

(Stephanie Hong) #3

Not much detail is provided. It is tad vague and generic - We will use the following concept to map:

(Christian Reich) #4

Oh. It’s a Covid test. That wasn’t obvious from the question.


(Oleg Zhuk) #5

Hello, @stephanieshong

I would recommend to use

586310 OMOP4912985 Measurement of Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Genetic material using Molecular method

Or any of descendants if you can distinguish Nucleic Acid amplification (705001) and Sequencing (704993)