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Identical JSON creating different SQL script

Hi all,

A strange issue has come up lately, and I wanted to hear if any of you have had this issue, and if so, how it was resolved or if you figured out what caused it and how we can make sure it doesn’t continue to happen…

Researchers have been sending their research in Atlas to us vis JSON, and it’s worked fine.
Last week, a JSON sent to us returned 0 in its results. And then we recreated the SAME EXACT cohort on our own, from scratch. (The JSON export of this cohort we’ve created is identical to the JSON we got originally from the researcher)

But our cohort resulted in real numbers that made sense.

And when we looked at the SQL that is being run, we saw they’re different.

Any ideas how and why this would happen?

Thank you,


Without knowing more it is hard to say but are you checking for ‘hidden’ characters inside of the two JSON objects?

Thank you Mark for your reply.

After revisiting the issue it seems although there were differences between the JSON files, and we understand why they resulted in different numbers.

Thank you,


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