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ICU data, anyone?

(Manlik Kwong) #21

Most of the mapping I did ended up in conditions as I wanted to stick with SNOMED codes. While the condition_occurrence table does not include qualifiers/modifiers - I put this information in the condition_source_value as well as using the status_concept_id. Using the status_concept_id may not be the best place for this information, but for now that is where I’m storing the information in a 5.2 CDM at the moment.

As you know native ECG interpretation statements commonly have the elements:

  • (Left hand side) Main finding statement
  • (Right hand side) Supporting reasons for the Main findings statement
  • 1 or more modifiers - acute, incomplete, abnormal, possible, probable, …

Which vendor are you interested in? You can send me an E-mail at mkwong@tuftsmedicalcenter.org and I can share with you the specific mapping.

  • MK