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Icd9cm to Meddra

(Jeff Allen) #1

i’m sure this is a very pedestrian ask. i am having trouble mapping from icd9 to Meddra. i’m somewhat new to manipulating the tables i’ve downloaded from Athena. it was my understanding that icd9 can map to Meddra at the lowest level term (LLT). i am using sql in Sas and i’ve ran this code to no avail. i am missing something here-this code works for icd10 (Using ‘Maps to’ for rel id). any help would be appreciated. i am definitely using an Athena extract that is based solely on icd9 cm and Meddra.

select icd9.concept_code as icd9, icd9.concept_name as icd_cname, meddra.concept_code as meddra, meddra.concept_name as meddra_cname
from athena9.concept ICD9
join athena9.concept_relationship r on r.concept_id_1=ICD9.concept_id and r.invalid_reason is null and r.relationship_id=‘Subsumes’
join athena9.concept_ancestor a on a.descendant_concept_id=r.concept_id_2
join athena9.concept meddra on meddra.concept_id=a.ancestor_concept_id and meddra.vocabulary_id=‘MedDRA’ and meddra.concept_class_id=‘LLT’
where ICD9.vocabulary_id=‘ICD9CM’

(Daryna Ivakhnenko) #2

Hello Jeff Allen!
Maybe I can help you with this issue. Let’s look together:
Did you get the links between ICD10 and Meddra?
Can you please share the query used?