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How to update vocabulary regularly for our data


(Selva) #1

Hello Everyone,

We are using cdm v5.3. I also see vocabulary updates are like every month or so. For ex, I see we have V5.0 Jan 19, we also have V5.0 Aug 19 etc.

Am I right to understand that vocabulary version is currently V5.0? I am referring this github repo.

I understand we can download vocabulary csv files from Athena and upload it to our concept and it’s related tables.

Is this how it’s done everytime? I mean downloading csv’s and uploading it. If updates are every month, we do this task every month as well (should we wish to stay updated with vocab)?

Does Athena provides us the back dated vocab files? I mean I know the latest is V5.0 Jan 2020 but will I get to download V5.0 Aug 19

(Christian Reich) #2

and all later, until it will be revised. Which will happen soon, since we are planning additions (like this and this).


No. Is there a use case for that?