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How to record fluid intake and output?

When a patient is hospitalized, the nursing staff may track fluid input (such as saline) and output (urine). Given the imprecise methodology typically used for assessment, we expect that these measures would likely belong in the OBSERVATION table. Is this the typical approach? What concepts do you use?

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Not sure if there is any typical approach for this.

Both Total fluid output and Total fluid input belong to Observation domain.

It’s been three years, time for a followup:

I have been unable to identify specific Observation concepts which seem reasonable matches for most of the codes in a data dictionary that I was given to map. I have been exploring the use of a more generic concept, such as 4092647 [Fluid intake] and establishing relationships with fluid categories.

I have not found this approach encouraging, as the listed categories do not correspond to concepts in a standard vocabulary. Even lifting the “Standard” criterion, doesn’t seem to help.

Is there an approach that I am overlooking?

The only resolution that occurs to me is the use of local (Concept ID > 2 billion) concepts, which I am loath to employ, as eventually, this database will become a public resource.

1 Intake - Enteral 4089847 Enteral fluid input
2 Intake - Intravenous: Crystalloids
3 Intake - Intravenous: Colloids
4 Intake - Intravenous: Blood products
5 Intake - Intravenous: Nutritional products
6 Intake - Intravenous: All medication infusions
7 Intake - Other
8 Intake - OR Total Fluid Intake 4092501 Total fluid input
9 Output - Blood
10 Output - Urine 4077088 Volume of urine produced
11 Output - Renal replacement therapy
12 Output - Other
13 Output - OR Total Fluid Out 4090193 Total fluid output