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How to map Meddra code into standardized concepts?

Hi All,

I am a data manager at the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Registry in Germany and we are currently in the process of mapping the (partial) registry dataset into the OHMOP-CDM.

Part of this data is coded in Meddra, which will now be converted into a standard concept. For this we have already loaded the Meddra dataset into the concept table of our database. However, only at this point we realized that the offered Concept_IDs are not “maps to” / “standard”.

I would like to know how to solve that problem.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Kirstin , welcome to the OHDSI Forum!
MedDRA is now mostly a classification vocabulary. Conditions currently are mapped to SNOMED by “MedDRA to SNOMED equivalent” relationships.

We also acknowledge that currently the MedDRA to SNOMED mapping is not perfect. Luckily, we are currently working on an update that would help with MedDRA as a source. SNOMED and MedDRA have published mappings April this year. We are processing them and are planning to update the MedDRA vocabulary rather soon, including some more mappings contributed by the OHDSI vocabulary team. Let me pass this on to @Mikita_Salavei and @Vlad_Korsik for some more background information!

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Hello! Thanks for the interest. The Mik’s answer is definitely complete. The only pint yo be added is about the work we do:vocabulary team is currently working on mapping to standard terminologies of MedDRA terms frequently detected in real world data. We expect to see the majority of targets in SNOMED. Just wait for release, and of course tag us here if you have any questions (currently or after mappings release).

Hi @Kirstin - as we promised a bit ago, we have released MedDRA in our late January release together with substantially revised mappings, including those that have been provided by the SNOMED-MedDRA mapping initiative and by a large part mappings that have been donated from other community members, with top contributors coming from J&J. Please check out this forum post for more background information. The concepts remain classifications but now have “Maps to” relationships as you could see here (Non Standard to Standard).

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