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How to identify/remove obsolete and not current RXCUI from RXNCONSO?

(Yun Mai) #1


I am new to OMOP and currently are doing concept mapping. I mapped a list of local drug names to RXCUI. But I found that 1/3 of the RXCUI is either “obsolete” or “is not current” when I did quality control by searching in RxNAV. For example, 1000717 (seb-prev 10 % topical gel) and 83018 (dynabac) are obsolete, 644844 (influenza virus vaccine trivalent 2006-2007) and 476598 (monoamylamine) are not current.

But the status of these RXCUIs in the recently released RXNCONSO (07062020) are NOT suppressed. Then I searched in the retired, archived, and changed RXCUI tables but none of them could be found in those tables except 1000717 is archived.

I have two questions:

  1. Should I NOT used the RXCUI that is “obsolete” or “is not current”?

  2. If I should not use RXCUI that is “obsolete” or “is not current”, could anybody tell me how to identify all the “obsolete” or “is not current” RXCUI in RXNCONSO table instead of searching one by one on RxNAV?

Any help is Wellcome. Thank you very much in advance.

(Christian Reich) #2


Hm. Not sure I am following.

That is because “current” and non-“obsolete” defines the drugs you can actually order from the pharmacy today. That is not our problem. We have data from the past when they were perfectly current.

I cannot find such RXCUIs, neither in the CONCEPT table nor in RxNav. What is that?

You should use any RxNorm concept that is standard (and therefore also valid) in the CONCEPT table. You can save yourself the effort trying to second guess what we pick and what we discard. In other words, don’t use the RXCONSO table.

Again, use the CONCEPT table.

SELECT * FROM concept WHERE vocabulary_id='RxNorm' AND standard_concept='S*

(Yun Mai) #3


Thanks for your prompt reply. I really appreciate it.

I was trying to map medication to RXCUI in RXCONSO table downloaded from UMLS.

So not everything from RXNORM table are imported in the CONCEPT table, some are kept and some are discarded when picking the concepts from RXNORM for CONCEPT table. Do I take it right? If so, I’d better to use CONCEPT table instead of RXCONSO table?

(Christian Reich) #4


In fact, you can make it easier on yourself and just map the ingredients, units and dose forms, and we have a machinery that will do the rest for you:

(Yun Mai) #5


Thank you so much to point me to the resources. That saves me a lot of time. I am checking it out and may need to come back here to read the posts about RxNORM Extension later.