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How to handle multiple term mappings?

Hello Everyone,

My question is on how to handle multiple-term mappings from source?

I already referred to these post1, post2 but they are a bit old.

For ex:

Our source has a drug term sacubitril/valsartan Oral Tablet and we are able to find a matching concept (46275728) in Athena. great.

But for the below example,

Neurogen-e tablets - we don’t find an exact match in Athena.

However, it is basically a supplement made up of vit B1 300 mg, vit B12 1000 mcg, vit B6 300 mg, vit E 100 IU. Again, there is no exact matching concept in OMOP CDM for this combination terms.

So, am I supposed to key it as 0 (unable to map) or how is the scenario of single source term to multiple target concepts in OMOP CDM is handled by the community?

Let’s say I have a source term called A (and it’s made up of A1, A2, and A3). Athena has concepts for A1, A2, and A3 (but not for the source term A).

So, now a single record in source db (with A) becomes 3 records in target omop db?

So the records will be multiplied?

Any best practices/suggestions on how it is done are welcome?



We don’t have the drugs from the Philippines in the Vocabularies. You’d have to get them in. Is there a repository of the drugs and their content?

@Christian_Reich Actually, the majority of our drug terms are able to be mapped to OMOP CDM. Our site makes use of RxNorm for drugs (which I think is widely used). If you are asking whether I can share a list of source drug terms, I can.

Am I right to understand this?

Thanks for your help


If you use RxNorm you will find about 50-60% of your drugs. That’s how much the markets overlap. We therefore created RxNorm Extension. It allows to get all your products into the Drug hierarchy.

Want to get the drugs into RxNorm Extension?

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