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How do you seperate observations and conditions from ICPC/ICD9 codes?

I have a bunch of ‘incidents’ in visits that are in ICPC or ICD9 codes. They are all mixed together. So you can have…

V11.3|Personal history of alcoholism
V15.82|Personal history of tobacco use
414.9|Chronic ischemic heart disease, unspecified
200.10|Lymphosarcoma, unspecified site, extranodal and solid organ sites
E885|Fall on same level from slipping, tripping, or stumbling
K86|Hypertension uncomplicated
P06|Sleep disturbance

all in one table.

There are some family/personal history that look like it should be placed in observations. Is there any suggested way to distinguish them quicker?

And I do not know where should I place the falls too.

It seems my best way to do it is to dump all the E- and V- codes into observation?

The first 5 ICD9CM codes in your example map to Standard concepts. And the domain id of the Standard Concept determines the table the event should be added to. Standard concept for V11.3 (Personal history of alcoholism). Your suggestion to dump E and V codes into Observation should only be used when there is not a mapping to a Standard Concept.