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Hierarchy and related concepts not matching in Athena

Hi all,

In Athena, 201826 Type 2 diabetes mellitus has a total of 13 concepts with the Subsumes relationship as seen below. However, when I click the Hierarchy button to view the tree diagram, only a total of 11 descendant concepts are visualized. The missing concepts in the tree diagram are 4099217 Type 2 diabetes mellitus with gangrene and 4151282 Type 2 diabetes mellitus with hypoglycemic coma.

Can anyone help me understand which one is showing the correct information?

“Subsumes” shows all searched concepts whereas “hierarchy” seems to show only valid concepts.
Does anyone know more precisely?


Indeed, in the tree diagram you see valid concepts only. The two concepts you’ve mentioned above were remapped and are not valid anymore.

Thank you both :slight_smile: