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Hematology projects?

(Rita Rb-Silva) #1


I am a resident doctor of Clinical Hematology. I am one of the newest members of OHDSI and I am still learning about OMOP CDM and many things. I really want to contribute to the expansion of Hematology knowledge by helping to transform currently inaccessible and unaccountable data into an accessible and understandable format.

From my knowledge, there are two main initiatives in this field:

  1. The American Hematology Society (ASH) established the ASH Research Collaborative in 2018 and created the ASH Data Hub, but for now, it is only collecting data on COVID-19, multiple myeloma and sickle cell disease. I am not sure if ASH RC Data Hub uses OMOP CDM, but I presume it does.

  2. In Europe, the HARMONY BigData Platform allows the standardization and harmonization of data by converting it to OMOP CDM.

Is there anyone in OHDSI community currently working with ASH Data Hub, HARMONY or any other project involving Hematology data? I will be happy to help in any possible way.


Hematologic Malignancy Response Criteria
(Christian Reich) #2

It does not, @rita.rbsilva. We have an Oncology WG you may want to attend, where we are working on standardizing the various aspects of the disease and the use cases.

We are loosely involved. Probably a good time to rekindle the relationship.

(Rita Rb-Silva) #3

Thank you for your reply @Christian_Reich.
I saw that Oncology WG Development Subgroup Meetings happen every Wednesday at 10am ET. I will try to join the meeting today.