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Has anyone mapped Device_Occurrence from Epic Clarity?

Has anyone mapped Device_Occurrence from Epic Clarity?

I realize we can’t discuss Epic proprietary information here, but I’ve started a Topic in **Epic UserWeb: **Question - OMOP: Where can I find Device information in Clarity?

Any help would be appreciated.

Answering my own question.

We’ve implemented some Clarity devices, particularly blood (which is a biological device) and Lines, Drains, and Airways.

We’ve posted the code here: OMOP: The Spectrum Code Reboot

In addition, there are various drug and CPT codes that fall into the device domain, so that even if you do not explicitly have a mapping for devices, you will still get records that should be in the device occurrence table.

In Colorado, we pulled over LDA and surgical supply data. However, we haven’t used it in a network study or internally. Does Corewell Health West have a use case for these data? I’m curious what kinds of questions are being asked.