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Has anyone developed your own extra tab in Atlas?

Dear community, has any group here developed a custom tab in Atlas? As in, a new button on the left main panel where the buttons “Search,” “Concept Sets,” “Cohort Definitions,” etc. are. Imagining a scenario where you wish Atlas could do something, but it doesn’t, so you decide to build it yourself.

I searched but couldn’t find any post (links are appreciated!). Specifically I am wondering about:

  • How deeply versed in Atlas’ source code (as well as WebAPI’s) one has to be,
  • unforeseen complications found along the way,
  • any kind of warning before deciding on such a project.

Thank you!

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I haven’t done this but I’d be interested in any lessons learned. If you decide to give it a shot I’d love to hear about your experience!

i do not have atlas but i have achilles. it looks like some framework exported the web into raw html and bunch of javascript. some jquery (yuck) and d3.

once you cleared the knowledge burden, adding a tab is not a task that hard. however, without that knowledge it could be very confusing and that could be a few hundred of hours of knowledge ahead.

a good place to start could be

and then you can get a cheap course at
50 Projects In 50 Days - HTML, CSS & JavaScript

if you start from zero, there could be a few hundred hours of knowledge burden ahead