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Harmonized metadata for multi-modal data commons

(Paul Hanke) #1

Hi, all … I’m considering leveraging the OMOP body of work toward establishing a harmonized discovery metadata layer above a multi-modal health data commons (EHRs, images, video, genomics, proteomics, etc.) … my thought is that many (most?) of these health data modalities can be contextualized wrt patient, visit, measurement, etc., with the obvious one being EHRs … if this sounds like sheer lunacy, please let me know :slight_smile:

At any rate, I’m wondering if anyone has previously tackled the problem of expressing relationships between, e.g., measurements, conditions, and drug exposures … I think the FACT_RELATIONSHIP table was meant for this (?), but I’m not finding any concept names along the lines of “measurement X was instrumental in diagnosing condition Y” … or “condition Y indicated drug exposure Z” … any help in this area would be greatly appreciated!


(Vojtech Huser) #2

Not sure I fully understand.

For example having lab test of GRF of 18 (somewhat low value) and a related diagnosis of stage 4 CKD? (we did some work along such relationships). (Dx and Lab)

(Paul Hanke) #3

, yes, something along those lines … the objective is to be able to (for example) search for all measurements in the data commons that resulted in the diagnosis of a specific condition - the idea being that each measurement is represented by some resource in the commons … this would allow researchers to discover resources in the commons that are relevant to the research they want to conduct … is this making sense?