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Handling Patient linkage in CDM 6.0


(Rohan Surdikar) #1

We are working with EHR data, where one patient can visit multiple care sites and each care site maintains his record as a different patient ID.

We also have a linkage table that indicates this linkage information.

So, in our data-set each patient has multiple care sites and his records are specific to that care site.

My first question is, how do I map this patient in PERSON table? As according to wiki and Themis discussion there can be only one unique record per patient.

My second question is, Since he visits multiple care sites which one should I choose as CARE_SITE_ID?

Can someone help me with this? How do you handle this in case of your data-set?

(Don Torok) #2

You should merge the multiple person ids into a single person prior to adding that person to the OMOP CDM. As for the care_site_id in the person table, just pick one from the possible set. You can be specific about the care site in the visit occurrence table.

(Rohan Surdikar) #3

Thanks @DTorok for your help! This answers my questions.