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Google Cloud equivalent of OHDSIonAWS?

(Thomas White, MD, MS, MA, CHIE) #1

Is there an equivalent to OHDSIonAWS that runs on the Google Cloud environment?

Our data is in Google Cloud, so we’d like to build Docker or Kuberentes containers (or replicate ones built by others) for Atlas and the R Studio environments. We don’t need enterprise level scaling at this point so a sufficiently sized OHDSI-in-a-Box equivalent that connects to Google Cloud may be sufficient.

(Gregory Klebanov) #2

Tom - yes, there are images like that. The OMOP CDM SynPUF on BigQuery is already available in Google MarketPlace and ATLAS image is in the last stages of testing and will be released very soon - maybe you can test drive it for us.


Feel free to ping me for more info.


(Thanos Vidakis) #3

Hello all,

I 'm looking for some documentation / guidelines to deploy OHDSI in google cloud.
Is there any discussion in the forum or any github repository targeted to this scope?

@Javier I ve seen that you had some related questions lately, not sure if you could provide any info for this or you would like us to collaborate to build something for the community.

Thanks in advance!

(Konstantin Yaroshovets) #4

Hi @thanos_vidakis

There might be available some things in different formats. If you could clarify your needs about “deploy OHDSI”, I may guide you.


(Thanos Vidakis) #5

The end goal is to get our claims data into CDM and make patient level predictions using Atlas.

Our short end goals are to deploy WebApi & Atlas and set our CDM databases in BigQuery.

Thanks a lot!